Why I Still Play Minecraft

I’ve been trying to work out how long it is since I started playing Minecraft. I wasn’t one of the first players to start playing when the original version came out, but looking through the update names I can remember the “Pretty Scary Update” coming out which was in 2012 and I was playing for… Continue reading Why I Still Play Minecraft

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Where’d the Diamonds Go?

There is no doubt that Minecraft 1.18 was a huge update. In addition to the new items and blocks from 1.17 the tectonic changes to the overworld have been vast with high mountain ranges and deep cavernous er, caverns. But all these changes have come at a price and that is the way in which… Continue reading Where’d the Diamonds Go?

It’s All Mine!

My mines have always been very simple. Dig down to the appropriate depth for the ore. Dig along until I’ve used a stack of torches then branch off either side at 4 block intervals (3 blocks between each branch). With 1.18 coming out I decided to up my game a little and create a proper… Continue reading It’s All Mine!

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Chapter 1 – Faldor’s Farm

Having all but destroyed my old Minecraft SMP of many years (there is an early backup of it on my computer somewhere) and, having taken a couple of months away from Minecraft altogether, it is time to make a fresh start. I always found that ‘Skelly Craft‘ and even the briefly named ‘Skelly Land‘ were… Continue reading Chapter 1 – Faldor’s Farm