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Local residents were plunged into despair the other evening when rumours of vandalism to the newly opened Catto Playpark became the theme of the day on social media.

Damage to one of the key amusements was reported to the police and a crack team of council sub-contractors were deployed within minutes to rectify the issue.

Some youths, who were seen in the area were quoted as saying, “It wisnae us, honest!”

A deluge of angry faces in response to the social media post alerted the local press to what they hoped would be their scoop for the week. Sadly, Tavish McTavish, columnist on the Kincorth Gazette, was unimpressed and was heard to mutter, “I could have worked for the Guardian.”

Local residents have been delighted by the rapid response of the authorities, although some are concerned that children could suffer life threatening injuries as a result of tripping over the grass. Local bobby, Bobby McBobson, advised parents against giving grass to their children to trip on saying, “I think that is illegal”

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