As part of my annual review I have been weeding through my photographs from 2019 and have to say it is a very sparse bunch. Circumstances clearly overtook me this year with the early months being dominated by ill health and hospital visits and the latter half of the year focussing on starting a new company and installing a new bathroom and kitchen.

Anyway, here is the best of a bad bunch from a year of turmoil. As I noted on Facebook, it has been a year of Burgers, Beer and Minecraft – albeit with a couple of sojourns here and there.

The first four photographs were taken in Dunning, Perthshire back in April and focus around the garden at Thimblewynd. The next photo (Blossom and Budda) was taken in the garden at home but has a similar feel to it.

The photos with people are from a number of pub sessions with friends and family which were of personal significance to me and I’ve included them because they make me smile.

The reopening of the Aberdeen Art Gallery allow access to the roof resulting in these great views of Rosemount and Belmont Street. Sadly it was a wet and windy day and I only had my phone with me to take shots – a definite site to revisit.

Finally back in July we enjoyed some gorgeous weather in Inverness and I had the foresight to take my drone along with me to get these aerial shots.

My one big take away from this is I have to drink less and get out more with the camera.

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