I can’t believe it has been over six months since I last posted in the blog on this site. While there has been little action here, there has, mercifully been plenty of action on The Vale server. Mostly thanks to Lady Vivianne who has made herself very much at home.

We started Chapter 2, The Tree of Aldur, a couple of weeks ago when the server was upgraded to version 1.19 and I have taken on the task of building the tree – it’s coming along nicely.

Plans for this Chapter, part from the tree, are to finish Key House. You can check out progress on The Vale Sketchfab site – see below.


Key House by The Vale on Sketchfab

Also I want to increase the population at Sulturn. (Sulturn is a major city in modern Sendaria, located on Lake Sulturn. Before the formation of Sendaria, it was part of Erat, the fourth duchy of Arendia) I found this site quite useful for checking place names, history of places in David Eddings world.

Of course the big build for this season will be my alter ego Beldin’s Tower. I’m still at the planning stage. (LOL – me planning, that’s a new one) but I foresee a lot of quartz, pink glass, calcite and frog lights. Think Crystal Tower from Final Fantasy  – but not so good.

By Skelly

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