It’s been quite a while (over a year) since I wrote anything about The Vale and this site needed a bit of a refresh. So here we go…

Faldor’s Farm

Faldor’s Farm – the spawn point of The Vale has grown beyond all previous recognition. Even today, as I was gathering screen shots for this post I noticed a new Sniffer field just beyond “Willy Pond!” I have to say it all looks gorgeous. Some people have come and gone over the last year, but left their starter builds on the outside of the farm where they will remain for them should they ever choose to return.

Faldor’s Farm – 2023

I think the only thing that will change is the addition of new mob breeding fields (I know that sounds a bit gross) as new passive mobs are added to the game. It still remains the hub for starting out and the point for meeting up for group adventures – which reminds me, need to organise one before the end of the year.

Na Coille

A new regular addition to the server, Erchin, has been working on a mega-tree build. It’s coming along nicely and as you can see it kicks the Tree of Aldur into a cocked hat when it comes to size and majesty, although the inside is considerable safer, as long as you avoid the bouncing porkers of pain!

Na Coille

Azure Bay

Lady Vivianne apart from all the other builds and farms she has completed has been working on Azure Bay. I’m not exactly sure what the final idea for this is, but I can’t get the idea or a seaside retirement village out of my head.

Azure Bay by Night

I’m sure all will be revealed in the fullness of time.

The Trials of Erastide

As for me, apart from some minor changes to Key House / Locke Manor, I am done with it for a while. A couple of builds from Chapter 2 still need to be polished off (most notably the look of the sugar cane plant in Sulturn which is ugly!)


But then, I can crack on with my two big projects for Chapter 3 – The Voyages of Greldik. Firstly finish off Val Alorn (imagine a Viking Settlement with a big harbour and boats) and secondly The Trials of Erastide. These are seven lined mini-games or puzzles relating to the Gods of David Eddings world as described in the Belgariad. The actual builds for these are complete, but the puzzles and associated redstone and command blocks need to be incorporated into them. My favourite of all the build is Chaldan’s Mansion in what will eventually become Vo Astur / Vo Mimbre.

Chaldan’s Mansion

And that’s the update for this month – I will try to give a monthly update on various projects around the start of every month.

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