Well I started the month off with a fair bit of AFK at various farms to stock up on essentials. The frog light farm produces way more magma cream than frog lights so after an overnight with very little to show for it, I unclogged the sorting system and spent another 24 hours AFK. Mercifully four magma cream balls can be converted into magma blocks saving some storage space and the magma blocks will be used to extend the gold farm – which was next on the list. But even with the sorter unclogged it still wasn’t producing enough frog lights. I think it’s a problem with the frog’s locations in the farm. Rather than mess about with Lady Vivianne’s build, I built a second frog light farm right next to it. Now we have a good source of frog lights and magma cream.

Extending the gold farm involved adding two more levels and adding some serious storage and a sorter. This means that we now have more storage for longer AFK sessions and spend less time sorting the nuggets from the rotten flesh. I even managed to keep the lowest level for quick dispatch (with a good sword) of the Zombified Piglins for some extra XP, but to be honest we have enough places and things to quickly build up XP if needed.

However, while whacking Zombified Piglins (or Skeletons, or Cave Spiders) will get you some XP, what The Vale really needed was an Ender Farm for that massive XP boost. It’s been a while since we defeated the Ender Dragon so excuses were running out. I went for a Cheery Blossom theme for the ladies!

Finally a spell at the Ghast Farm for some more tears – we’re drowning in them! But it is a very slow and I was thinking of quadrupling the size to get more Ghast tears. But since we have enough End Crystals to summon the Dragon the remaining 17 times to get the full 20 portals and there is only so much brewing we can do, it’s a consideration for another time.

Next month I hope to get back to The Trials of Erastide and finish off the last three parts and work on Val Alorn, home of the Chereks.

By Skelly

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