Locations & Coordinates

Chapter 1

This is a list of the early game locations that I am using. It will be updated as I find more.

Faldor’s Farm (Spawn): -259 91 -419

The bginning of your adventure. Spawn in the hall of Faldor’s farm. Here you will find some basics to get you started. Food, some tools, torches and even leather to craft yourself a pair of leather booties

Faldor’s Farm

Spawn Nether Portal: -175 102 -307

The portal in the overworld at spawn which will transport you into the Nether so you can keep warm.

Første Fjord: -89 80 -532

The stairs down to the wharf at the head of Første Fjord.

Først Fjord

Starter Mine: -100 63 -788

A simple mine to take you down into the deep slate layers for diamonds!

Community Mine

Upper Gralt: -430 130 -229

A village high in the mountains. A welcome break from mining iron in the hills!

Upper Gralt – The Alpine Village

Locke Manor: -343 67 -1116

My first big build which upon completion will mark the end of Chapter 1 of The Vale. The Manor is based on the graphic novel and associated Netflix series ‘Locke and Key‘ I am planning to use a pallet more like the graphic novel than the TV series.

Locke Manor House
Locke Manor Ground Floor Plan