The Elephant in the Room

What ever you do, don’t mention the elephant in the room. What elephant? *Whispers* The one standing behind you. The one with 14.8 billion feet. Oh, yes that one. Why can’t we mention it? Because no one wants to believe it’s the real issue. Well, it’s not is it? The real issue is moving to… Continue reading The Elephant in the Room

Day 16 – Progress & P**sing

Day 16 – a little bit of a lie because I had a slip but I’m not going to beat myself up about it – it was a single rum and coke. Didn’t get drunk. Didn’t feel drunk. Didn’t do anything stupid. I briefly chastised myself for the lapse.

Day One

Every day is day one. Even day two, or three or six or twenty seven or six hundred and forty eight. They are all day one. Today is day one.